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About Us

Brian Fajardo founded Stations in partnership with Andrew Lanier twenty years ago, with two leased trucks and one employee, operating from a two-car garage. Business meetings were conducted on prestigious Fisher Price molded plastic chairs for kids.

Since then Stations has grown to over $8 million in sales per year and around 100 employees. Stations now owns a fleet of 20 trucks and handles logistics with two warehouses, one in San Jose and another in Sacramento. Our San Jose warehouse is 57,000 square feet. Stations staff meetings take place in a conference room with adult-sized chairs.

At Stations, we like to motivate our employees’ attention to safety and ensure careful, well-executed workstation installations. One way we do this is by hosting monthly barbeques for those “caught being good.” At these barbeques we recognize employees that have taken extra care to avoid product damage or accidents, which in turn produces careful and efficient furniture installations no matter how large or complex they may be.