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San Jose

1935 Lundy Ave
San Jose, CA 95131

408-434-0740 fax

Brian Fajardo, CEO
Andrew Lanier, President
Joel Lira, Operations Manager


5861 88th Street, Ste. 200
Sacramento, CA 95828

916-383-4446 (fax)

Ricardo Chavez, Installation Manager
Joel Archer, Business Development


California contractor’s license: 825570 C61/D34/C7

Celebrate Victories. Work at Stations.
At Stations you’ll find a family atmosphere where relationships with each other are as important as the quality of our work. Our excellence as a team is guaranteed when everyone feels like they are recognized and heard.
One way we do this is by hosting monthly barbeques for those “caught being good.” At these barbeques we recognize individuals who have taken extra care to avoid product damage or accidents.
It’s not just work and play. We give back to our local community by organizing fundraisers for the homeless, for local schools, and others in need.
If you are intrigued and want to hear more, please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.